Aqua Creta Limnoupolis aqua-park, with its long experience and know-how, is constantly committed to high quality standards of water quality & safety, hygiene and services for every guest. For this reason it operates an integrated system of mechanical & laboratory water control, with safety certifications & services applied by ISO 9001 and EN:1069-1:2010 / AC:2012 for the waterslides. Every game of the park of “Aqua Creta Limnoupolis” is being certified to the highest standards of operation.


The experienced and skilled lifeguards that you will meet at every water point in the park are a lasting guarantee for the absolute safety of our little and older friends, giving them valuable moments of care. The First Aid Center of “Aqua Creta Limnoupolis” is always available at any emergency situation. The continuous supervision of the parents, always combined with the support of our experienced staff, is essential to provide the highest possible safety for children.